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Ganni Just Collaborated With Levi’s In The Best Possible Way

The exhibition unites Ganni’s community — from Berlin and Stockholm to Montreal and London — through a five-piece multimedia installation (or Gesamtkunstwerk) brought to life by seven collaborators. Those unable to visit IRL can immerse themselves online, too. You can listen to journalist Marjon Carlos narrate her essay on the strange intimacy and catharsis of community under COVID, and watch the new collection float and fly around a video orchestrated by Maria “Decida” Wahlberg (also known as Robyn’s choreographer) in lieu of a catwalk show. Unable to congregate in person, the artist Rosie Marks has made cut-outs of Ganni’s gang to populate the exhibition space, while elsewhere, Hayley Blomquist has created a larger than life, hand-knitted installation using vintage Levi’s and repurposed Ganni denim. Recreating the idea of a museum gift shop, merch is available to buy, too: all the KIOSK products, from long-sleeved slogan tees to customized denim jackets, are upcycled from past collections, keeping the minimum waste ethos in line with the brand’s eco-conscious approach. “It’s like when you go to a concert and you love it so much, you just have to buy the shirt,” Ditte says of the capsule. “A little memory from this bubble, this moment in time.” Source

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